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Fedde Le Grand

Poll 2021: Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand
From: The Netherlands
Rising star DJ/Producer: “Melo.Kids.”
It has been 15 years since Utrecht-based DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand burst into the club scene’s premier league with ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’. Debuting in the Top 100 DJs poll in 2007, he has ranked consistently since that inaugural appearance and it’s not hard for anyone who has seen him in the booth to understand why. 
Known for his solid, floor-ready house selections, the Dutch stomper has been involved in a string of excellent collaborations in recent months, not least the two tracks with his choice for most promising studio head of the past year, Melo.Kids: ‘Losing Control’ and ‘In Love With You’. Meanwhile, his label, Darklight Recordings, offers more compelling evidence of just how exceptional his ear is, whether finding or fine-tuning anthems-in-the-making. An all-rounder with plenty left to say, Fedde has also spent the past year “brushing up on my Spanish” and finishing building his house.
How was your first gig after lockdown?  
“Unreal and absolutely amazing, it was such a liberating experience.”
How have the last 18 months changed how you view your work/life balance?
“For me personally it changed a lot — it showed that family and friends are everything. I also branched out into other things and opened a restaurant, Vegan Heroes, something I’m very proud of.”
What further steps should the industry take to combat climate change?
“Offset your carbon footprint from flying. There are several initiatives to do this. And eat a little less meat or none at all.”
What’s the best bit of tech you’ve added to your studio or DJ setup this year?
“I have traded in my entire studio for a new invention, called The Sphere. It’s a desk with built-in speakers, and all the materials and angles are tuned in to each other. This provides the perfect acoustics at all times. Absolutely amazing!”
What’s the best album you’ve heard this year?
“People still release albums?”

Questions Top100 DJs 2004 - Becca Antoon - 2021-10-07 09:19

Best known for: 
“‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’.”
Tune of the year: 
“Lost Frequencies ‘Rise'.”

Poll 2020: Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand
Although he celebrated a No.1 hit single in 2009 with ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’, Dutch DJ/producer Fedde Le Grand is far from a one-hit wonder. Over the years there have been countless highlights in his discography, from UK No.2 single ‘Let Me Think About It’ featuring Ida Corr, to his take on ‘‘The Creeps’ by Camille Jones in 2007, and releasing two albums — ‘Output’ in 2009 and ‘Something Real’ in 2016. In 2015 he launched his very own Darklight Recordings, which has grown a multitude of up-and-coming talent including the likes of Carta, Raiden, and Vol2Cat.
As a touring DJ he’s travelled the world over and played some of the most prolific festivals in the world including Coachella, Tomorrowland, EXIT Festival, Global Gathering, Ultra and many more. This year, as well as releasing a brand new remix of ‘Let Me Think About It’ by Sansixto, he’s remained focused and also “helping a friend with the most amazing sounding studio tool ever made,” he reveals.
What three things have most helped you through Corona virus Lockdown? 
“Family and loved ones, music and Netflix.”
What lessons should the industry learn from this crisis?
“How important it is what we all do, because it gives relief in hard times, and that we stay adaptable as an industry.”
What steps need to be taken to address the racism in the dance music scene?
“To all remember the words of Chuck Roberts ('My House’): ‘Once you enter my house it then becomes our house and our house music. And, you see, no one man owns house because house music is a universal language spoken and understood by all’.”
What industry changes are you personally pushing for to make the dance music scene more inclusive? 
"I have and will always push the values that I deem important and that is that music unites, especially dance music, because it transcends words. I’ve always refused to be captured in one style because it shouldn’t be about labels but about what music means to you.”
What’s the greatest dance music track of all-time? 
“Inner City ‘Good Life’.”

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“Everything house.”
Best known for: 
‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’
Tune of the year: 
“Divolly & Markward X Vill & Vash 'Leta Leta’.”

Poll 2019: Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand

Dutch DJ/producer Fedde Le Grand’s career hasn’t slowed down since his hit single ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ back in 2009. A decade later he has two studio albums under his belt — ‘Output’ and ‘Something Real’ — a back-catalogue of singles on a plethora of big room EDM labels from Spinnin’ to Armada Music, collaborations with megastars like Shaggy and Ida Corr, plus remixes for the likes of Madonna that have further skyrocketed his fame.

This year he’s been back in the studio working on new music and developing a new show, all the while consistently touring the world. That hasn’t stopped his passion for A&R either; 2019 saw an impressive 22 releases via his label Darklight Recordings, including his own singles ‘Like We Do’ and ‘Skank’ earlier this summer. The label focuses on signing and bringing up-and-coming acts into the limelight — acts like Holl & Rush, Costel van Dein and Carta are the perfect example of artists that he’s supported from the beginning of their careers — and he plans to release new music onto the label in 2020. There’s certainly no stopping the flying Dutchman.

Do you submit your DJ setlists to the relevant royalties collecting society?

“Yes I do.”

What more can we do to combat the mental health crisis in our scene?

“Educate everyone involved about what impact this hectic lifestyle has on a person both physically and mentally.”

Are you personally doing anything to improve the gender balance of line-ups?

“I personally always just look at talent and judge people based on their musical skills.”

What changes have you made this year to be more environmentally friendly?

“I’m making my house as sustainable as possible and want it to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.”

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?

“Honestly, pen and paper. I loved to draw.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?


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Best known for: 
“My fast mixing style and a string of awesome tracks and remixes.”
Tune of the year: 
“‘Roller Coaster’ by Frank Nitty.”

Poll 2018: Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand

From: Netherlands
DJ style: “House.”
Best known for: “Stretching musical boundaries, not being caught in any one genre.”
Fave tune of 2018: “Fisher ‘Losing It’.”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2018: “Raiden.”

2018 marks 16 years of the Dutch DJ/producer’s meteoric music career, and twelve years since the release of his worldwide chart-topping anthem ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detriot’. Since then, Fedde Le Grand has been non-stop. He’s produced two studio albums — namely ‘Output’ in 2009 and ‘Something Real’ in 2016 — and collaborated with an ongoing list of high-profile EDM and pop stars including Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Ida Corr and Shaggy. With his own label Darklight he’s helped the careers of young talent to flourish, including Dutch duo Holl & Rush, and China’s Carta, who’s now signed to Spinnin’ Records.

As a goodwill gesture earlier this year, Fedde joined forces with DJ Mag and software giants BBIN to raise money for The Gaming Beat Charity by giving away a run of exclusive downloads for the cause. Aside from that he’s been riding the wave of two summer singles — ‘Flex’ featuring ragga titan General Levy, and ‘Hit The Club’ with Korean superstar Raiden. Fedde tells DJ Mag that he has recently completed “some very interesting collabs” — a third album in the wings, perhaps? Either way, we’re certain Fedde has a grand plan...


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Poll 2017: Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand

Eleven years since his club and chart smash ‘Put Your Hands Up (For Detroit)’, Fedde Le Grand has a busier diary than ever. Just this year he’s played Miami, Frankfurt, London and many more. The Utrecht-born DJ/producer has made a name with his glossy, occasionally tougher take on house, and it’s his beat-making that’s taken centre stage in 2017, with four singles for disco:wax, Spinnin’ and his own Darklight label. 

“A lot of my focus has been on music this year,” Fedde says. “I’ve released a lot of new tracks and moved my Darklight Recordings imprint into a collaboration with Armada Music.”

He’s collaborated with dancehall pop king Shaggy and vocalist Ida Corr on ‘Firestarter’ (with whom he’s worked in the past on 2007’s ‘Let Me Think About It’), and is looking at creative ventures beyond music too. “I’ve worked on some super fun projects, like my own sneaker that I’ve designed together with Nubikk,” Fedde says.

We’ve no doubt he’s got grand designs for 2018. 

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Poll 2015: Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand
fedde le grand
fedde le grand

“I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been able to make a career out of music,” Fedde Le Grand tells us, humbly. “It has taken me around the world and allowed me to showcase my music to thousands.” 
Best known for catchy dance track 'Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit', Fedde Le Grand is currently in the studio crafting a brand new set of chart-toppers — his new LP is out early next year. But that's not all. “Next year I’m bringing my run of GRAND shows back, this time bigger and better,” he tells DJ Mag. “And I've got some really amazing new tracks, so couldn’t be happier!” 
Looks like it's smiles all round from Fedde then, roll on 2016! 

Questions Top100 DJs 2015 - Jon Dommett - 2015-11-13 12:15

Best known for: 
“'Put Your Hand Up 4 Detroit'.”
Tune of the year: 
“Fedde Le Grand 'Cinematic feat. Denny White'.”
Utrecht, Holland
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
“It’s not really a breakthrough but Chris Lake, he has totally found his sound again.”
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
“The ability to turn up to any venue, in any part of the world, day or night, and play a set that excites.”
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
“Music is always in a constant state of flux. I don’t think EDM is any different, and will certainly go through waves of popularity.”
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
“Being on the road constantly can become pretty exhausting, but DJs in my position should never complain.”
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
“I have been a big supporter of Dance For Life over the years, and I also support a dyslexia foundation.”
Which club would you like to bring back from the dead?: 
“The Roxy in Amsterdam!”
Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?: 
“I think DJing has historically been a very male dominated area of music, but this is perpetuated by the idea that there aren’t many female DJs — but there are! I think its up to promoters to book them, for journalists to cover them, and for people to buy their tracks.”
What do you think of DJs who use ghost producers?: 
“I think it's a weird phenomenon. If I read a book of my favourite writer, I would feel cheated to find out that someone else wrote it. You're a fan of someone's work, not of their skill to know where to hire the right people. I think it’s fine to have help or collaborate, but doing nothing or just making a remark on the final product seems weird to me.”


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