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The Chainsmokers

Poll 2021: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers
From: New York, USA
It’s been a quiet year for Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, who went dark on social media on February 24th 2020 after posting that they’d be taking time to create their “next chapter in music”. The duo seems to be working on their fourth studio album, which they’ve teased simply as ‘TCS4’ on their official (and now all purple) website, along with a phone number fans can text for updates. 
Even if the two chose to do absolutely nothing in 2021, it’s not to say they haven’t earned it. Their single ‘Closer’ with Halsey went 12-times platinum in the States last April, making it one of only four tracks to have accomplished that feat (among them are Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’ and Justin Bieber and Ludacris’s ‘Baby’, for reference).
Fiending for a Chainsmokers fix right now? Tune into their monthly BPM radio show, Nice Hair. Pall and Taggart kick off the first half of every episode with their signature brand of EDM-fuelled house music and welcome emerging stars to shine in the latter segment. Recent guests include Kito, Duke & Jones and Aviella, and the vibes are on-point. 


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Poll 2020: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers
To say it has been a different year for The Chainsmokers would be an understatement. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart spent 2019 at the top of Forbes’ list of highest-paid DJs in the world, their relentless schedule packing out crowds in cities across the world, and production work hitting No.1 on the regular. No longer able to tour and notably quiet on the release front since the start of the pandemic, nevertheless it has been another defining few months for the US duo. 
Their single ‘Closer’, featuring Halsey, went 12-times platinum in the US as spring arrived, making it one of only four tracks in the history of music to reach that status. Since then there have been ‘drive-in’ shows for charities, and 10,000 face-masks donated to New York healthcare workers. In a year in which we’ve all taken stock of priorities, the pair took that idea to the next level with investments in tech companies and deals with Bitcoin’s Casa. It’s a brave new world indeed. 
What three things have most helped you through Coronavirus Lockdown? 
What lessons should the industry learn from this crisis? 
“To never take any show or experience for granted.”
What steps need to be taken to address the racism in the dance music scene? 
“Holding everyone accountable to make a change and be kind to one another.”
What industry changes are you personally pushing for to make the dance music scene more inclusive? 
“Donating to those in need of technology to help them participate in learning how to produce music.”
What’s the greatest dance music track of all time? 
“Avicii ‘Seek Bromance’.”

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“Shipwreck ‘Need It’.”


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