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We catch up with former Miller SoundClash winners ahead of this year’s competition

Mexican duo, Tom & Collins won the first ever Miller SoundClash back in 2014. Since then, they have worked as ambassadors for the competition, returning each year to spin at the Miller SoundClash parties in Las Vegas and guide the new finalists through the experience. This year’s competition is now open, so we thought it was a good time to catch up with Tom & Collins.

Hi guys, thanks for making time to talk to us. We know you have a hectic touring schedule…

“Yes, we just came back from The Social Festival in Colombia. Mayan Madness Festival is coming up in three weeks and then we perform Beyond Wonderland Mexico. We're also planning a month in Europe this summer.” 

Great to hear you guys are so busy! What is the best city you have played in this year?

“Until now, it would have to be Bogota, Colombia at the Social Festival.”

How about festivals. Which is the best one you have played?

“EDC Las Vegas!”

You must have had some amazing experiences this year…

“We had a lot of memorable experiences in ADE in October. Our label Aftercluv threw a very cool party and we got to meet and work with so many talented people.”

So what’s has been going on from a production perspective - have you found time to get back into the studio? 

“Every week we are in the studio. We have given it a certain level of priority because we now know it takes time to be satisfied with your work. We are working on an album and we are very excited to say it’s almost finished. It will be released this summer on Aftercluv.” 

Are there any upcoming DJs that you’ve got on your radar – who are your ones to watch?

“There are a lot of young kids doing a good job. In Mexico, we would say Moose & Bear are a very talented upcoming duo.”

 Tell us one local dance music scene that you’re in love with right now.

“We love an underground club in Mexico City called MN Roy. We throw a party every now and then called People Like Us.” 

As Miller SoundClash winners, what advice would you give to this year’s contestants?

“Be original! The judges can tell if you're into what you're playing, so play what you love... Don't try to play each and every hit in your set. The judges will appreciate your taste in music…" 

What has changed since you first entered Miller SoundClash? It’s certainly been a hectic ride… tell us about the journey.

“A lot has changed. Firstly we signed a record deal with a major music label and we've been able to collaborate with some very talented people... It certainly helped us to find our sound in the studio and be able to reach the audience when we release music.”   

What are you most looking forward to, when you return to Vegas for this year’s Miller SoundClash?

“Listening to the new talent. The contest itself has such an amazing vibe as well, the people you meet from all over the world and getting to hear new music at the best venues is a very cool experience.” 

For your chance to compete at the Miller SoundClash Grand Final in Las Vegas, enter your mix via Mixcloud.