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Selections: Karen Nyame KG


Selections: Karen Nyame KG

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, Karen Nyame KG, spotlights classic and contemporary UK funky, Amapiano edits and jazzy club grooves

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. While hearing new music played out by your favourite selectors remains largely on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s never been easier, or more important, to support the artists and imprints releasing tracks, albums, EPs and comps in the midst of all the madness. In lieu of opportunities to discover new records on the dancefloor, Selections will give you the chance to nab sounds from the crates of tastemakers, and support the people behind them while you’re at it. Win-win, right?

This week, Karen Nyame, aka KG, spotlights classic and contemporary UK funky, Amapiano edits and jazzy club grooves from the likes of A.G, Lil Silva, 8ULENTINA, DJ Polo and Tribal Brothers, Gafacci and more. A longstanding champion of percussive club sounds, coming up through the early UK funky movement, KG has evolved in recent years, embellishing her sound with Afro-infused styles and instrumentation, from Ghanaian highlife and South African gqom to Amapiano and beyond. 

These sounds are not only reflected in her Selections, but in her recent DJ sets and productions which have taken the scene by storm. Back in January, as part of DJ Mag’s Radio 1 Dance residency, KG threw down a killer mix featuring tracks from Scratcha DVA, Nídia, DJ Lag and Hagan, among many others. More recently, she teamed up with the “Queen of Jersey Club”, UNiiQU3 on Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce on the incredible ‘B2B / Black Roses’ EP.

Next week, KG will release ‘Sensei II’ on Black Acre. Featuring collaborations with Mista Silva, Aymos, Toya Delazy, Taliwhoah, the EP explores “everything from the empowerment of women, to love, sexuality and desire, high vibrations, and partying and beyond”. You can pre-order it here.

Dig into KG’s Selections below. 

'Do Little'

“A.G actually sent this to me but everything she makes is a worthy enough purchase so go support! Whether it's her very own fantasy-esque - melancholy approach to drill or her emotive spin on two-step garage - she rarely misses. 'Do Little' (taken off her recent EP - Do Not Disturb) is eargasmic - a must-buy.”

‘Fortunes EP’

“Drmzu and all the artists featured on this imprint are pretty much quiet storms - the music is top tier, the art speaks for itself. I am really into Afro-percussive rollers, this whole release plays with those elements of Afro House and the new, hybrid interpretation of Amapiano sometimes referred to as 'Funky Ama' or 'UK Ama' - fire tracks all around and a must play in a KG set!”

DJ Naughty
‘5th Gear’

“Had to dig deep into the vaults for this banger from DJ Naughty aka N.Fostell. I was searching for some ‘09 UK Funky nostalgia - this one for me is a personal favourite and I was so excited to see him unleash the throwbacks on Bandcamp! The snare skips in this one are dangerous! Can't wait to run this up this Summer.”


“I trust that DJ NATIVESUN will deliver an Afro edit for the soul, this refix opens my chakras. Always in awe of producers that can repurpose hot tunes and sustain that energy with their OWN versions. Sexy groove this one!”

'Can I'

“8ULENTINA is a phenomenal DJ, producer, interdisciplinary artist, and co-founder of Club Chai. I love 8ULENTINA's incorporation of tabla rolls into this take of Kehlani's 'Can I'. 8ULENTINA is exceptional at fusing/blending traditional musical elements into modern R&B jams. So addicted to this release.”


Mr. G
'One For The Headz' [Phoenix G]

“I love the swing in the bongos for this one and how it progresses with the organ stabs from the middle onwards. Jazzy club groove.”

'What is Love (Gafacci Remix)’

“The Asokpor King - Gafacci! Even though Gafacci is a genre-bending producer (he does this effortlessly) I love his Amapiano / Azonto infused take on this Haddaway classic. I had to purchase!”

Lil Silva
'No Hooks Rmx’

“Lil Silva, one of my many producer influences. It’s always a moment when old-school dubs resurface! Quite a few staple UK Funky instrumentals have gone under the radar so when he released this collection of music from that 2008-2012 era - I was like ahh! 'Hooks' is still one of the UK Funky tracks that has the filthiest of basslines. Instant buy!”

Tribal Brothers & DJ Polo
'Three Tribes' [Livity Sound]

“I have been blending 'Three Tribes' quite a bit in my guest mixes lately - it's the UK Gqom chants in between the marching snares that do it for me. Amazing producers LR Groove, Razzlerman and DJ Polo - the drums absolutely slap on this project.”

Citizen Boy
'Baby Pluto'

“Of course I need some authentic South African Gqom! One of my go-to’s - Citizen Boy! 'Baby Pluto' is cinematic, it's dark , it's intense - one of my secret weapons to draw for in a mix or radio show!”

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