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Top 100 DJs Hacking Attempt Foiled

Top 100 DJs Hacking Attempt Foiled

Poll to be extended by 24 hours

We have just managed to foil a malicious attempt to sabotage the final day of voting in this year's Top 100 DJs poll. Hackers, wishing to capitalise on the notorious last minute rush to cast votes targeted our facebook voting app earlier this evening.

Fortunately our security systems were able to avoid a full crash, however voters may have noticed inconsistent service as we strived to keep the app online.

Due to this we understand that some fans have not been able to cast their votes. As the only DJ poll decided exclusively by clubbers and dance music lovers worldwide, we want to give everyone an opportunity to influence the poll.

As a result we have made the decision to extend the opening hours of the poll by 24 hours. The voting period will now end on September 24th at 00:00 GMT.

The app is now back online, and you have one more day to vote. Go forth!