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Fresh socks and fresh beats...

Quintino is redefining what it means to “Go Hard.” 

After releasing his latest anthem on Spinnin’ Records in May and debuting as a resident DJ at Sin City’s newest hot haunt, Drai’s Las Vegas Nightclub and Beach Club, Quintino is gunning for dance music greatness. The Dutchman, with a lifelong passion for dance music recently debuted an exclusive John Legend remix on DJ Mag and is going hard for your vote in our 2014 Top 100 DJs poll

Check out these 10 facts you should know about Quintino, from Quintino himself and see if he wins your vote.

1. “Well something you don’t know about me is that I always go home after a tour straight to my mom’s place and eat some of her homemade chicken at my place or hers. It’s my tradition of coming home and it never disappoints.”

2.  “I started to play with vinyl’s back in the day and I always had to be super selective when choosing records because I only had a certain amount  [of money to spare]and could only pick five pieces month. It was so hard to pick only five.”

3. “When I have a day off (that doesn’t happen often), I always go out with my close friends to random bars we don’t know and take shots. This always ends up getting us the craziest stories afterwards.”

4. “When my first Number 1 hit went platinum in Holland, I made it as a bootleg because I thought the vocal was cool for me to use in my sets. It ended up being one of the most downloaded ringtones of that year.”

5. “I always wanna wear new socks. I don’t know why… It’s just a crazy habit.”

6.  “I am always pranking people. But, the worst part is I get scared really easily so they know how to get back at me.” 

7.  “I still believe that I can play soccer like I did when I was young, but it just isn’t the same anymore… yet I am still trying all the time.”

8. “I always confuse words, it’s something not a lot of people know. For example, Tuesday and Thursday…gets me every time”

9.  “I was the lead in my school musical and I was so bad at it. I was holding a book (I played a teacher) and in that book I wrote all of my lines, so if you watch the recording of the play you can see me reading.” 

10.  “For the last three years I have watched Two and a Half Men on my laptop while traveling, and it never disappoints.  Charlie Sheen for life, #winning.”

Watch Quintino’s “Go Hard, Vote Hard” video below: